Dan Bing filled w mushrooms & spinach served w greens   70

Tea Companion: Sakura Green Tea


Poached Eggs prepared in Wild Rooibos served in crêpe w mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, greens & basil pesto   75

Tea Companion: Ginger Honeybush


Fruit Salad tossed in Strawberry & Vanilla Rooibos reduction served w Cape Raw Honey yoghurt (Gf, for Vg - no yoghurt)   70      (extra granola 15)

Tea Companion: Mango Fruit Infusions


Warm Bircher Muesli in coconut milk w freshly prepared             fruit salad (Vg)   70


Country Style Plant-based Breakfast: scramble tofu, crispy tempeh, sauteed mushrooms, spinach, grilled tomatoes, kimchi, hummus & toasts (Vg, for Gf - no toasts)   90

Tea Companion: Blood Orange Rooibos


Scrambled Egg Croissant w basil pesto & mushrooms   70

Tea Companion: Snow Black


Omelette packed filled w mushroom, spinach, white cheddar & tomato (Gf)   70

Tea Companion: Te Guan Yin Oolong


Toasted Barley Flour Banana Bread (for Vg - no butter)   35

Tea Companion: Ginger Honeybush with Black Americano


Coconut Gunpowder Green Tea Curry w Basmati Rice (Vg, Gf)   85

Tea Companion: Zesty Chai Honeybush Rooibos


Wild Mushrooms Risotto infused w Malawian Black Tea (Vg, Gf)  100

Tea Companion: Spearmint Moringa


Soup of the Day prepared in Assam Black Tea served w BBQ toasts (Vg, for Gf - no bread)  65  


Bibimbap Korean Style Bowl ensembled w sushi rice, veggies, tofu, seaweed, kimchi, cloud ear mushrooms & sunny egg          (Gf, for Vg - no egg)  100                

Tea Companion: Celebration Artistic Show Tea


Kimchi Stir-fried Rice served w sunny egg & seasonal veggies    (Gf, for Vg - no egg)  90          

Tea Companion: Herbal Immensely Beautiful


Har Gau served w stir-fried seasonal vegetables & Honeybush dust (Vg)   80

Tea Companion: Vanilla Coco Rose Black Tea


Creamy Gnocchi merged w olives, mushroom, cherry tomatoes, sprinkle with cheddar & Oolong   90

Tea Companion: Sencha Fukujyu Green Tea


Warm Quinoa Salad in green leaves, cucumber, cranberries, toasted nuts & seeds & Hibiscus dressing (Gf, Vg)   85

Tea Companion: Chamomile Flower


Pan-fried Dumpling Bao w seasonal veggies & sauces (Vg)   80

Tea Companion: Earl Grey Blue Flower


Club Sandwich w grilled wild mushrooms, dou gan, greens, tomato & hummus, served w sweet potato chips (Vg)   85

Tea Companion: Gunpowder with Mint


Dim Sum Platter (Vg)

for one   160

for two   280


Quote of the day

We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.

- Confucius

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