Mini Dim Sum Combo

Pan-fried Bao & Har Gau Potstickers [Vg]   80


Gluten-free Dim Sum Ensemble

Crystal Pyramid, Daikon Dumpling,  Pak Choi Dumpling, Seaweed Rice Stick * & Sesame Ball * [Vg, Gf]   120


Traditional Taiwanese Gua Bao

- Steamed Bun Delicacy -

Filled w soya patty, pickled mustard veg/ cucumber/ carrot, & balanced w roasted peanut powder * [Vg]   80


Bouncy Sesame Balls

- Three Exciting Flavours -

Peanut Sesame *, Red Bean Paste & Dark Chocolate [Vg, Gf]   45


WOW Combo

- An experience of all worlds of Dim Sum -

BBQ Cha-Shao Bao, Har Gau Potstickers, Sticky Shao Mai, gluten-free Crystal Pyramid, fried crispy Wonton & Spring Roll [Vg]   120

Full House Experience Platter

Veggie Bao, Cha-Shao Bao, Har Gau Potstickers, Crystal Pyramid, Daikon & Pak Choi Dumplings, Shao Mai, Spring Roll, Seaweed Rice Stick , Wonton & Sesame Ball * [Vg] 260





* Please be so kind to indicate to
your waiters of your Peanut Allergy 



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Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.

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