China Black Tea
Teas have been grown in the Yunnan province of Southwest China for 1,700 years. Originally a green tea producing area, black tea has only been produced since 1939. Yunnan’s black teas are considered to be the kings of Chinese black teas. These teas are very aromatic with a lingering taste.

Malawi OP1

Malawi Black Tea

Kenya Marinyn GFOP1

Kenya Black Tea
Kericho, west of the Rift Valley produces most of Kenya’s orthodox teas. Since Kenya’s independence, the large European tea estates have been converted into many small family owned tea farms. Tea is harvested and processed in one of several processing plants. Marinyn is blended from teas from several estates and has the style of a Darjeeling. The neatly twisted, golden tippy leaves steep to a bright, robust, medium-bodied tea with a slight fruity or flowery taste.

Keemun Luxus Congou

China Black Tea
Keemun is produced in Anhui province, near Shanghai. This is a sub-tropical region, and the teas are grown at altitudes of 1,000m. These teas have been famous for centuries. The Keemun infusion is a brilliant red with a mild, sweet taste and a subtle scent of orchids.

English Breakfast Blend

Blended Black Tea
A full-bodied, aromatic tea with sweet, fruity notes, wonderful tea to start the day.

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