Te Guan Yin

China Oolong Tea
Te Guan Yin, also known as Iron Goddess of Mercy is grown in Fujian Province. It is produced from a specific type of tea bush. This oolong tea has fine, dark leaves that produce an infusion with a sweet flavour and a long aftertaste. It produces excellent flavour with up to seven infusions.

Oriental Beauty

Taiwan Oolong Tea
Also known as Bai Hao or Champagne Formosa this is the finest of some of the best oolong. This highly oxidised tea boasts a sweet smooth taste with a slightly baked and floral and somewhat fruity aroma. The origin of its name dates back to the early 20th century when a British tea merchant presented a sample of this tea to Queen Elizabeth II who then named it Oriental Beauty.

Ali High Mountain Tea

Taiwan Oolong Tea
Ali Mountain, famous for superior High Mountain tea cultivation in Taiwan. Its abilities of gradual unlocking of aroma and flavours makes it ideal for multiple infusions. Maximum 3 leaves are hand plucked to dry with delicacy to reveal mosaic of floral, woody and sweet aroma and flavours. Aroma and flavours changes with every infusion. Fragrance and drinking cups are used to appreciate this unique tea experience.

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