Green Tea

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Thai Green

Thailand Green Tea

Sencha Fukujyu

Japan Green Tea
A middle-grade Sencha from Shizuoka on the slopes of Mount Fuji. Not to be confused with inferior teas made in the Japanese style in China. Sencha means “steamed tea”. The tea is lightly steamed before it is rolled and dried. The goal is to preserve the freshness, and green character of the tea leaf. It has a distinctive, strong, green tea character.

Gyokuro Asahi

Japan Green Tea
This is a top-class Japanese Sencha tea which is also known as Dew of a Pearl or Most Exquisite Dew Drop. The tea plants grow in the shadow of broad leaved treas. The plants are shaded with bamboo mats for two weeks before plucking to boost the chlorophyl content and green character of the tea. It has a high caffeine content and low tannin. The regular, needle-like leaves have a dark green colour. The infusion is mild and typically tangy. It can be steeped three times. Limited availability

Gunpowder Temple of Heaven

China Green Tea
Gunpowder tea is dried slowly in rotating drums to a very tightly-rolled ball. It has a slightly dry and fresh flavour. If the tea seems too bitter, a first short infusion should be poured off and the second infusion should be used. For a classic, North African-style taste, steep with a handful of fresh mint. Well noticeable rich nutty and oaky aroma green tea.

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